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Yeah I apologize guys. Super bogged down with school. And Im actually moving to Phoenix, AZ in less than a month. Bare with us guys.
I guess I will have to move home swell! Its what all the cool kids are doing these days! ;)
Hi guys, I'm just in the process of moving home and I'm aware that Derrick is also moving home too. Give it a couple of weeks and we'll be back to work - Thanks for not abandoning us haha! Not long and I'll be all settled and up and running :d
Just a dry spout atm buddy! Not to worry, I reckon once the new world is up and running, we will see a buzzing server again
College is a terrible time controller.

Now that I've worked through some very difficult past few days of homework, I'm back on the server. (Finals coming up soon too ;p) We are successfully updated to version 1.7.5, all the plugins -should- be working the way they need to. If you find a problem, report it to me in any humanly possible way.

Thanks and again sorry for my short absence.
-Derrick Mehaffy
So here is the deal everyone. The server is going to see some downtime this weekend. We are doing alot of server back end changes that will greatly affect the servers performance *for the better I might add*

So it is likely you will see the server offline for a day or so starting today and see alot of restarts, etc when it is backup through the week for testing and changes.

Any comments on this can be added, we look forward to seeing a much more stable and better connection for everyone!
ddrght12345 a Strangely, when I say this next thing in my head, the only voice I can imagine saying it, is Patrick Warburton (the voic ...

UEDCraft New World

derrickmmehaffy a posted Feb 25, 14
Alright everyone Ill make this short and sweet. As of today (2/25/2014) we had a big server error where it caused the world to become corrupt. I am current uploading a backup of the world from last night (2/24/2014) to which there will be rollback. No I can not refund your items you mined or lost.

However coming very soon will be a new world with a new spawn. When that time comes the old world will remain on the server for one week and a portal setup so you may travel back to it and retrieve items/base stuff/etc. After that one week, the old world will be deleted forever.

I will be placing an annoucnment up when we plan to add the new world/spawn to the server, but I would expect it within the next week or two.

UEDCraft Tech Admin
jordanw2006 can i ask i was once on and i lost all my stuff in echest so i raged quited when i cam to e on it says u have a message ...
We are passionate about working with talented casters who would like to do more with their stream to entertain their views.  UEDCraft is a great place for any budding streamers to build on their dreams of being a popular caster with a loyal following.

As a result of careful planning we have decided to offer a few sponsorship opportunities to people who are interested in promoting our community.  In return for their efforts to stream on our server we have provided full marketing support and some other perks to keep them motivated.

So without further delay allow me to introduce you to the new sponsored caster of UEDCraft.

tehneyrzomb - http://www.twitch.tv/tehneyrzomb // @tehneyrzomb on twitter! // IGN tehneyrzomb


Sataana - http://www.twitch.tv/sataana // @mrsataana on twitter! // IGN Revamp1984
Sapper_Seven Welcome guys! ...
Revamp1984 Thank you so much for the warm welcome but as a side note, twitter is @MrSataana ;) ...
A massive shout out to the people who put in a lot of time on UEDCraft last week.  Combined the top 10 players hit over 350 hours of gaming on the server in just 7 days.  The timer gets reset every week and this week we have an early lead by ddrght12345 and PyroKine.  I imagine things will look very different soon enough however. 

The top 3 players who have the most amount of hours invested in to the server at the end of this week will get a special rank!
ddrght12345 a Geez Pyro! Only the second day in and your at 31 hours... >_<
Kicks28 I hope I win but damn it's not likely. I had a long play time last week but I can't get that this week. Oh well
PyroKine pft. No one will beat me ...
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